"I just wanted to let you know, we passed! Your audits were a huge contribution to our success, so thank you!!"

Carolyn Ypma

Safety, Environmental and Security Manager

Coca-Cola Refreshments - San Leandro

"The internal audits conducted by external professional in Oct 2016 were very thorough."

ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Audit Report of Coca-Cola Refreshments - San Leandro

Third Party Lead Auditor from LRQA

"I can't thank you enough for the outstanding job you did on our assurance.  We truly really appreciate it."
Katrina Kendricks, Senior Environmental Engineer 
3M's Sustainability Center of Excellence-Operations

“I applaud your selection of Coto Consulting, Inc. as the Instructor for the Course “Greenhouse Gas Reporting – Myth vs. Reality”... The content of the course was comprehensive, focused, and understandable… Practical exercises brought home to the participants selected concepts and tools that were covered in the curriculum…The materials are “top drawer”, current, and will serve as a valuable resource... Christina’s education, experience, list of A-list clients collectively provide a solid base of resources from which she distills a functional tool-kit to be used by working professionals and students on the path to becoming working professionals. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Christina remains down to earth, personable, and authentic – kudos! Thank you for a wonderful and useful experience.”  
Angela Pickett, Attorney 

"LRQA recently verified SPU’s GHG inventory, with Christina acting as the lead/primary verifier. I wanted to let you know that it was a real pleasure to work with Christina on this process. It was the first time we had pursued verification so it was a great unknown for us and Christina’s professionalism, thoroughness and patience enabled me and SPU to emerge from this better informed and I think in a better position to do subsequent inventories. She honored her role as verifier throughout, which is of course essential." 
Paul Fleming, Manager Climate & Sustainability Group
Seattle Public Utilities
Chair, Water Utility Climate Alliance

"I really enjoyed working with you. You were organized, professional, helpful, and friendly."
Robert Grigg, Environmental Engineer.  Union Tribune San Diego.

“The BEST online course organization, clarity and interaction with the instructor - EVER. I've taken a number of online courses and Christina was outstanding!!”  
Marilyn Johnson, Director Environmental Initiatives and Sustainability, IHS Inc.

“The quality of the product that you produced regarding the Environmental Standard Operating Procedures (ESOP's) for the MCIWEST Environmental Management System (EMS) project was outstanding.  Each ESOP was standardized, well researched and was easily adapted to the needs and peculiarities of each installation.  Without your work we would not have met our requirement to have a fully compliant EMS by 31 December 2007.  Thanks again for a great job.” 
Bill Moog, Acting Environmental Management Officer, MCAS Miramar

“…you are on the top of my list of the most professional contractors that I have had the pleasure of working with.” 
Dave Rodriguez, Manager of the Environmental Branch, MCAS Yuma 

“All tasks were completed in a timely manner and it was a pleasure to work with Christina Schwerdtfeger.  She was a true professional, very knowledgeable and user friendly.  I look forward to having the opportunity to work with her in the future.” 
Eddie Valls, EMS Manager, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs (NREA)
MCAGCC Twentynine Palms

“Thank you for the great seminar you organized this morning. Christina is a very good speaker, well organized, informative.”
Wei Chen, Ph.D., REA, Director of Environmental Division, Prime Wheel Corporation

"After attending your lecture on Saturday I feel so more confident of making an impression during my interview. Thank you so much for a great lecture!"
Anugrah Singh, President, Drucker School Student Association, MBA '11
Peter F. Drucker and Masotoshi Ito Graduate School of Management
Claremont Graduate University

Coto Consulting, Inc.

Dependable Environmental Services